International engagement and global opportunities

We help enhance our partners’ competitiveness in global markets by delivering world-leading research and helping companies improve their business capability and find new opportunities.

More industries are becoming global which drives the need for continuous improvement and innovation. We help companies by facilitating higher levels of interaction and engagement between Australian companies and overseas supply chains, and by supporting research projects together with universities.

In 2014, we supplied In-market Automotive Supply Chain Advocates to work on the ground in Malaysia to identify business opportunities. This project was partially funded by the Victorian government and resulted in a number of opportunities for Australian automotive suppliers. This experience has helped us maintain strong links with Asian partners, particularly Malaysia, allowing us to continue identifying business partnership opportunities that are mutually beneficial to Australia and Malaysia.

Our research and development expertise coupled with well-established international connections strengthens our global reach. In partnership with stakeholders, we will continue to lead and support the transformation of companies to achieve internationally competitive standards in mobility, technology and business capability.