Business Excellence – assessments, benchmarking and business coaching & improvement projects that improve business performance and competitiveness.

Our Business Excellence team provide a range of business coaching and improvement services to help companies become sustainable and competitive. We help you to generate growth by measuring your performance against international benchmarks and by implementing tailored business improvement plans.

Our impressive track record in helping companies become more strategic and competitive has resulted in additional funding support from several different government programs. Since 2008, we have worked closely with more than 150 companies in multiple countries, across multiple sectors, and at various tier levels, with some outstanding results.

The key areas we provide expert advice includes strategic business planning, supply chain management, global marketing strategies, lean enterprise, people and performance, innovation and diversification. Here is a summary of the business improvement plans we offer to companies:

Evolving Innovation

This plan helps you to quickly identify product and service opportunities using current proven, advanced and unique competencies to profitably grow your business.

Excellence in Energy Efficiency

This plan will ensure your business understands all opportunities for reduced resource consumption. We can help reduce your energy expenditures by as much as 40%.

Financial Systems and Practices

Develop vital financial expertise within your business to ensure best practice financial systems and processes. Our tailored training covers basic finance principles as well as in-depth specific training.

Global Marketing Strategies

A clear and effective marketing plan complements the business strategy and is essential to keeping a company on track for growth. The Global Marketing Strategies product will help you develop and implement an appropriate marketing plan.

Global Sourcing Strategies

This plan will help your business develop and maintain essential procurement skills and understanding, whilst encouraging a more strategic view of the discipline.

Leadership and Management

Give your team the skills, knowledge and experience they need to lead effectively and drive high performing teams.

Lean Enterprise

Lean is globally recognised as a powerful means to reduce production lead times and operating costs. Our plan will ensure your business is following lean by understanding the basics principles, identifying sources of waste, and by implementing a continuous process of improvement.

People and Performance

Help your team develop and implement appropriate strategies, processes, tools and metrics for recruiting, developing and retaining talented and motivated employees.

Strategic Business Planning

Develop and implement appropriate strategic and operational business plans to help your business grow.

Supply Chain Management

Develop a supply chain management strategy to help your company manage material resources from source to manufacturing and to the final customer, resulting in a competitive infrastructure.

Industries our improvement programs assist.

We offer our business coaching services to a broad range of companies with key customers in the automotive, food, construction, transport industry, and more. Other industries that have benefitted from our business improvement services include aerospace, appliance, chemical, clean-tech, composites, defence, electronic, foundry, glass, machine tool, marine, medical mining, packaging, paint, plastic, rail resource, rubber and textile.

International engagement and global markets.

We maintain strong links with Asian partners, particularly Malaysia. We help identify international opportunities that are mutually beneficial to Australia, Malaysia and other parts of South East Asia.

In 2014, we supplied Automotive Supply Chain Advocates to work on the ground in Malaysia to identify business opportunities. This project was partially funded by the Victorian Government and generated over $8.5 million in new business opportunities for Victorian companies.

The Business Excellence team helped us align our existing skills and capabilities with new markets, and we now see the disciplines gained from our days in automotive being transferred into totally new segments.

Darrin SpinksManaging Director, Precision Components

The Business Excellence sessions really served as a catalyst for the development of IXL's diversification strategies into new areas like solar frames.

Bernard BrussowCEO, IXL Group

We have a product that we believe has potential and can be a success internationally. We met with the Business Excellence team and told them what we are looking for and within two weeks they came back with a scope.

Dean LomasManaging Director, Venture

Our involvement with Business Excellence has been very positive. The system they helped introduce will be the platform to help us look at much bigger projects. Business Excellence has helped us drive up our capability, by improving lean, strategy and process management.

Anthony KittleCEO and Managing Director, Redarc

Business Excellence has delivered many millions of dollars of benefits to our organisation. They have helped Futuris compete globally with the best of them.

David MarinoChief Operating Officer, Futuris