Excellerate Australia – creating business growth through efficiency and innovation

At Excellerate Australia we are passionate about helping companies succeed. We have over 10 years’ experience working with companies helping them innovate, be more efficient and ultimately more competitive.

Although our heritage is with the automotive industry (an environment that demands innovation, high quality and cost competitiveness) our scope has broadened significantly and we now use our extensive knowledge and skills to help companies across a range of industries including transport, construction, food and more. We deliver economic benefit for Australia by ensuring the success and competitiveness of our partners through project work in our two divisions:

Excellerate Australia’s history

The origins of Excellerate Australia are in the Federally-funded Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) program. In 2005 the Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Automotive Technology (short name: AutoCRC) was set up, which went on to develop many new technologies for the Australian automotive industry and also produced the Automotive Australia 2020 Roadmap. AutoCRC also set up a successful supplier excellence program, ASEA, which became our Business Excellence division. Both the Research and Business Excellence divisions of AutoCRC continued to win funding and supply much-needed services to Australian companies, with an increasing focus on international research opportunities and diversification.

As we progressed it became evident that other industries could benefit from similar services hence our expansion into construction, transport and more through our Business Excellence division. At the same time, we looked to apply our research skills through the establishment of the iMOVE CRC – a CRC focused on optimising the movement of people and goods in Australia.

As a result of our new future vision and expanded focus, AutoCRC changed its name to Excellerate Australia in 2016. We are excited about the positive impact our services have for our partners and look forward to many more successful collaborations.