Helping with business growth

We are privileged to play a part in helping companies grow and diversify. Here are examples where we helped businesses to succeed.

Precision Components’ road to diversification

Precision Components is a leading Australian specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of specialised press metal, fabricated components and assembly solutions across a wide range of industries. We worked on a number of improvement projects with Precision Components to help them diversify their product range and find new revenue streams.

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Venture outside your comfort zone

We worked with Venture Australia on a range of strategic projects to help them determine a new future direction. With our support, Venture’s commitment to change resulted in the development of the company’s strategic goals and business plan, which has helped them identify and pursue new business opportunities.

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Redarc’s powerful innovation and business excellence combination

We are proud to have played a part in Redarc’s quest to reach excellence. We performed a business assessment to identify Redarc’s areas of improvement and we helped increase capability by improving lean, strategy and process management. We also worked with Redarc on innovation and enhancing the culture of the company.

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Innovating and competing at a global level at Futuris

We have been working with Futuris since 2005, providing business advisory services as well as assisting Futuris with their research and development programs. We are proud to have assisted their transformation into a globally successful operation.

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Springhill Farm logo

Positive change and better collaboration at Springhill Farm

Springhill is growing fast and needed help to make sure that did this the right way. Excellerate Australia’s Business Excellence team were able to get them on track with a strategic business plan and implementation of Lean techniques. The result? Increased internal efficiency, a consistent and shared focus on company direction and better collaboration.

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Cost saving, improved quality and a positive culture shift at FMP

By completing a companywide assessment, we introduced a range of projects that improved FMP’s overall operational efficiency and produced considerable benefits in improved relationships, workplace morale and teamwork.

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Company wide improvement results in success at Backwell IXL

Through benchmarking we were able to show Backwell IXL how they compared with local and global companies. This process helped identify opportunities and establish a plan where Backwell IXL was able to successfully apply automotive process and skills to other parts of their business.

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