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PhD student success stories

Students who participate in our PhD student program generate invaluable industry connections and establish a strong foundation for their future careers. Here are some of our student success stories.

Kamil Zuber

Kamil received his PhD in 2015 and works as a post-doctoral researcher at UniSA, working on the research and development of adaptive camouflage devices for the Defence Science and Technology Organisation. Kamil appeared on 9 News Adelaide in May 2015 when he was an Excellerate PhD student and researching hydrophobic coatings.

Jake Whitehead

Jake has a double PhD degree with QUT and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, and was nominated for a thesis award for his research on sophisticated econometric analysis of energy efficient vehicle demand and usage internationally. He is now a post-doctoral researcher at QUT and director at Transmobility Consulting.

Jo Kuys

Jo is a part time lecturer and PhD candidate at Swinburne University of Technology. With her background in automotive design, Jo is now part of an engineering project team which is developing an electric bus system for Malaysia focusing on industrial design-led research.

Vi Kie Soo

Vi Kie is a PhD candidate at the Australian National University and is researching the effect different joining techniques used in multi-material vehicle design and manufacturing has on the material recycling process of end-of-life vehicles.

Roya Rudd

Roya Rudd is a PhD student at the Future Industries Institute with the University of South Australia. Roya is researching the engineering optical properties of nanocomposite coatings and was selected as a finalist for the 2016 CRC Association’s Early Career Researcher Showcase.

Jiaqi Chen

Jiaqi Chen is completing his research masters at QUT in ‘Design of pedestrian friendly vehicle frontal protection system’ at Toyota. Jiaqi is also member of the Excellerate Australia PhD Professional Development Committee.

Bastian Stoehr

Bastian Stoehr from UniSA is researching easy-to-clean coatings for touch screens. Bastian was a finalist in UniSA’s 2015 Three Minute Thesis presentation, and also a finalist at the 2015 CRC Association Early Career Researcher Showcase where he was lucky to meet the then Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Yeong Kim

Yeong Kim is a PhD researcher at RMIT and is researching vehicle seating dynamics with a goal to develop a seated human body model that will predict seat vibration levels and enhance a person’s comfort. Yeong visited NHK Spring Co. Ltd. in Japan to conduct several experiments and is member of the PhD Development Committee.