3D digital MIG weld model

ForWeld is a comprehensive 3-D digital MIG weld model that gives you visibility of, and therefore control over, the entire weld process. It’s the first MIG welding model to enable you to visualise weld profiles and key parameters throughout the entire length of the weld, meaning you can optimise the process and avoid costly re-work and waste as a result.

ForWeld helps your company save time and effort on the assembly line, resulting in significant production line efficiencies.

Benefits of 3D digital MIG weld model:
  • Reduces the incidence of issues like unmelted weld wire, uneven weld depth and size or gaps in the weld joint
  • Minimises start and finish spatter
  • Optimises power consumption for robotic welding
  • Increases production efficiency
  • Consistently creates stronger, more robust joints
Features of 3D digital MIG weld model:
  • Ability to model of all applications of MIG welding
  • Takes into account all critical production weld quality factors, including:
  • Arc and weld pool formation
  • Transfer of metal from the rod
  • Creation of the weld joint
  • Selection of weld parameters, such as arc current, welding speed, weld geometry
  • Ability to predict geometry of the weld and heat affected zones for many joint types
  • Data outputs to commercial plotting software
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Training and support for implementation