Sustainable manufacturing projects – emission and manufacturing costs reduction, work improvement and international competitiveness research.

The Sustainable Manufacturing program focuses on providing new technologies and efficient manufacturing methods to produce new lightweight components and new advanced coatings that increase durability and reduce waste.

The two themes under the Sustainable Manufacturing Program are Lightweight Structures and Advanced Coatings.

Lightweight Structures

The Lightweight Structures theme builds on our internationally recognised research capability in lightweight materials (aluminium, magnesium, carbon composites) and material joining technologies to reduce vehicle weight without impacting safety.

A key feature of our approach is the use of advanced design and modelling tools at component and system levels to evaluate material substitution and optimisation opportunities. The use of new materials impacts on the manufacturing processes and our research considers process improvements to help reduce errors, waste and cycle times.

Advanced coatings

The Advanced Coatings theme focussed on developing specialised coatings and coating processes. The new coating materials will have improved functionality and longer lifetimes, allowing substantial substitution of steel and glass components with parts utilising coated plastic. It will result in reduced wear rates and manufacturing processes. Research into coating processes will focus on ways to reduce defects, reduce coating wastage, and in the case of vehicle production, also reduce oven energy use.

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