Vehicle Electrification projects – battery chemistry, electric motor design and vehicle power control research.

The Vehicle Electrification program focuses on new and innovative solutions to increase the energy density of battery systems, develop new strategies for rapid charging and new, low cost and energy efficient automotive powertrains. The two themes under the Vehicle Electrification program are Breakthrough Battery and Advanced Electric Vehicle & Hybrid Powertrains.

Breakthrough Battery

In the Breakthrough Battery theme we focus on increasing the energy density and charging rate of lithium-ion battery systems, and providing electric vehicles greater driving range while being manufactured lighter and cheaper. We also investigate new electrode and electrolyte compositions.

We deliver new chemistry systems for lithium ion batteries and new arrangements for supercapacitors, and a proof-of-concept battery based on lithium-air technology that delivers an increase in battery energy density.

Advanced Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Powertrain

In the Advanced Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Powertrain theme, we work with Australian researchers in electric motor design and motor control to develop efficient, compact and cost effective electric motor systems for electric vehicles.

This research includes the design of cost effective electric motors that do not require permanent magnets, reduction in the cost and complexity of the power electronics control systems, recovery of energy from the exhaust heat in hybrid vehicles as well as optimised energy management system and user interface for electric vehicles and hybrids giving better range and recharge information.

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