Automotive Australia 2020 CRC research

Automotive Australia 2020 CRC (AA2020CRC) connects industry and researchers to develop innovative new low emissions technologies, and new capability and knowledge to benefit Australia.

Our research focuses on global trends in the automotive industry and addresses the priorities of the Automotive Australia 2020 (AA2020) Roadmap project published in 2009.

AA2020 Roadmap

Commissioned by the Australian Automotive Industry Innovation Council (AAIIC) and supported by the Federal Government and the Victorian State Government, the AA2020 Roadmap project was established through Excellerate Australia (then known as AutoCRC), in partnership with Australian National University (ANU), CSIRO and the Institute for Manufacturing (IFM) at the University of Cambridge.

The launch of the AA2020 Roadmap in August 2010 was a significant first step in establishing a road mapping culture in the Australian automotive industry. The roadmap forms the basis of the current AA2020 CRC research program which focuses on three of the roadmap priorities.