Excellerate Australia’s research division

Our research division facilitates local and global research projects and transfers knowledge from universities and research to industry. Our activities are currently focused in four key areas:

Automotive Australia 2020 CRC (AA2020CRC)

AA2020CRC helps the automotive industry improve its global competitiveness through the development of new technologies and capability sought by Australian and international vehicle producers.


Intelligent Mobility and Vehicle Evolution CRC bid (iMoveCRC)

This industry-led bid for CRC funding brings together individuals and organisations that recognise the benefits to be gained by leading the development of intelligent transport systems in Australia.


Education and Training

Our education and training program matches the best engineering students with industry partners to work together on research projects. We offer financial and industry support to students, along with a range of training and professional development opportunities.


International Engagement

We fund research which encourages connection with international peers to develop innovative solutions that have a global impact. Our strong global contacts and knowledge of the Australian research community helps us support the engagement, development and delivery of new technology.