Frequently asked questions

What is Excellerate Australia?

Excellerate Australia is a not-for-profit company focused on helping businesses innovate and achieve business efficiency and sustainability. We manage projects and connect key people in our extensive networks in order to make this happen. We can also assist in accessing government funding to support some of the project work we undertake for companies.

Why was Excellerate Australia created?

Excellerate Australia evolved from AutoCRC – a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) that was originally established in 2005 to develop new technologies to make the Australian automotive industry more competitive. The company was renamed in 2016 to reflect our new future direction and the broadening scope of industries that we help.

Whilst we are proud of our well respected automotive heritage, Excellerate Australia is more than automotive. We are already helping companies across a broad range of industries including transport, construction, food and more.

Where is Excellerate Australia located?

The Excellerate Australia head office is in Port Melbourne just outside of Melbourne CBD. Visit our contact page for the full address and map.

What industries do you help?

We assist companies across a broad range of industries with key customers in the automotive, food, construction, transport industry, and more.

How can I find out more about Excellerate Australia?

Have a look at our website and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Visit our contact page for details on how to reach us by phone, email or through our enquiry form.