Intelligent transport systems and smart mobility research and technology development

Intelligent transport systems, smart mobility research and technology development are phrases that are now commonplace as there is increasing recognition across the globe of the benefits to be reaped through the use of advanced and connected transport systems for people and goods.

Consider the 2015 statistics for Australia:

  • Car accidents cost the Australian economy an estimated $27 billion pa.
  • Transport congestion is expected to cost the Australian economy $53 billion pa by 2031.
  • Increasing logistics total factor productivity by 1% would increase GDP by $2 billion.

Australia has much to gain by being at the forefront of the intelligent transport wave. Whether it is increased productivity and competitiveness, or safety and quality of life improvements, the advantages that are now at our fingertips are real, but require a significant amount of planning and coordination to be realised.

Given the complex task at hand, and in response to the call from over 130 stakeholder organisations, Excellerate Australia is working with industry to establish a co-operative research centre (CRC), the iMOVE CRC (intelligent mobility and vehicle evolution CRC).

This centre will assist industry and the Australian economy to take advantage of the massive productivity gains offered by rapidly evolving technologies in the areas of transport, logistics and connected mobility. These technologies include vehicle sensors, telemetry, automation, and big data analysis and are expected to offer large triple bottom-line benefits such as:

  • Cost effective ways to increase network capacity
  • More sophisticated traffic management
  • Intermodel co-ordination
  • Attracting demand from roads the public transport
  • Cost, time and energy savings
  • Better availability and provision of information
  • Improved safety
  • Cyber security and system resilience and reliability

We have successfully submitted the first stage bid to the Commonwealth government with very strong support from industry, researchers and government departments.

For more information contact the bid development team or download the brochure.



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